Starting patients on CIBINQO1
CIBINQO gives you the flexibility to tailor treatment regimens to individual patients' needs and goals
Prescribe CIBINQO 100 mg or CIBINQO 200 mg orally once
daily, based on individual goal of therapy and potential risk
of adverse reactions
  • CIBINQO should be taken orally once daily with or without food at approximately the same time each day
  • In patients who experience nausea while taking CIBINQO, taking with food may improve it
  • Swallow CIBINQO tablets whole and intact with water. Do not crush, split, or chew CIBINQO
CIBINQO can be used with or without topical Rx
See lab monitoring requirements
    •     50-mg dose available for dose adjustments. See Dose Adjustments for specific dose adjustment instructions.
The 50-mg dose was not studied in clinical trials
Dose adjustments for patients on CIBINQO1
Using CIBINQO in patients with renal or hepatic impairment
*CIBINQO was studied in patients with mild (Child Pugh A) and moderate (Child Pugh B) hepatic impairment. CIBINQO has not been studied in severe (Child Pugh C) and is not recommended in this patient population.

​​​​​​​eGFR=estimated glomerular filtration rate; CYP=cytochrome P.

Reference: 1. CIBINQO™ (abrocitinib) Full Prescribing Information. April 2021.
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Study Results
See skin clearance and itch relief data

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